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2.1. Registration

Enrollment can be done online through the application form on the website (www..). Participants can sign up for follow-up courses by signing a renewal list.

Personal registration

Online registrations for general courses are binding and oblige prospective participants to pay the course fees in full. A binding teaching contract is established by signing the application form. Attempts to register verbally or by telephone without a signature are invalid and will not be considered.Registrations are considered in the order of receipt.

2.2. Start of courses

Participants will be notifiedapproximately five working days before the start of the course.

2.3. Number of participants

Courses usually take place when a minimum of three participants have registered.



3.1. Prerequisites for course attendance

As a prerequisite for successful and sustained learning results, for levels A2 to C2, the level of language competence as defined by the European Reference Framework (CEFR) should be determined before registration. A free grading test is available and highly recommended.

3.2. Time and self-study

Without regular active participation in the classroom and an adequate amount of self-study outside teaching time, i.e. homework, no lasting learning success can occur. Complaints with regards to unattained teaching objectives must be justified in writing and misconduct of the facilitator(s) must be proved in writing.

3.3. Course levels and learning objectives

The stated learning objectives should usually be achieved by every participant. However, goals are dependent on individual learning strategies and/or learning requirements and therefore cannot be guaranteed in individual cases. In the case of language courses, the level may be determined by the general level of performance of the participants in the course and may therefore deviate from the tender. If,in the opinion of the course facilitator(s), participants are grossly unsuccessful in terms of performance potential and/or language level, the educational contract may be cancelled on the part of English with Daniel Buehleror a transfer to another course may be recommended. With the participant’s signature, the transfer becomes binding and recognized.

3.4. Participants may receive written confirmation of attendance, if 80% of the course have been attended.


The paid course fee entitles participant(s) to attend lessons. Costs for teaching materials are not included in the course fees. Course books, exercise books, internet services as well as examination fees for external audit institutions are not included in the scope of services.

Course fees are due for one semester (usually ½ year) and represent the equivalent value for

- A1 courses: 18 lessons of 100 minutes each

- A2 - C2 courses: 34 lessons (1 lesson = 45 minutes)

- private lessons (one-to-one or pair lessons) must be paid in advance as a subscription contract for a minimum of ten lessons,irrespective of the length of the lessons.
  Prices for courses of different duration are available upon request.

4.1. Cost reduction in case of non-use of lessons

In principle, no cost reductions are granted for non-use of teaching. For example, no course fees will be refunded or reduced if only half of the semester is attended. It does not matter for what reasons this happens. In exceptional cases, a written appeal may be submitted to English with Daniel Buehler.

4.2. Terms of payment

Course fees must be paid in full before the start of the course.

4.3. Consequences ofoutstanding payment balances

If the course fees are not paid in due time, i.e. before the start of the course, payment-recovery procedures and the exclusion from the course may be implemented without further consultation.

4.4. Refund of course fees

Unattended classes do not entitle to discounts or reimbursements. A partial reimbursement (pro rata temporis) of the course fees is made in exceptional cases and upon written request, provided that important reasons (for example, longer illness, accident) are proved. Changes in occupation and residence do not entitle participants to reimbursement.

In case of cancellation of semester courses within the first 30 days after the beginning of the semester, a voucher for the following semester may be requested. (Fee: CHF 50.00). Cancellation/reimbursement due to general dislike of the course/course facilitator(s)or feelings ofover- and/or underachievement are excluded.

After the start of a course, the course fee will only be refunded upon written request and at most partially (pro rata temporis) and will remain due until payment is made.


5.1. Up to 10 working days before the beginning of the course, free cancellation is possible by e-mail/post/telephone.

5.2. In the case of short-term registrations (1-5 days before course-start), cancellation is only possible within 24 hours of registration. 30% of the full cost will be charged.

5.3. Cancellation and withdrawal after the start of courses

Course fees are due in full before the start of a course and will only be refunded upon written request. English with Daniel Buehler decides on the appeal and the amount of the refund. As a rule, no refund will be given.



6.1. Data protection

It is forbidden to record, store and make accessible to third parties any image,data or videos of person(s) in courses and places and/or rooms of instruction.

6.2. Copyrights

Course materials, scripts and other forms of intellectual property are provided solely for learning and practice purposes and may not be copied or used in any other way against the intent of their original provision.



7.1. Versions and validity of the GTCs

The General Terms and Conditions of Business may be updated regularly. Educational contracts become legally binding upon registration and the current GTCs shall be applicable, regardless of which version was presented at the time of registration.

7.2. Disclaimers

Lessons missed due to force majeure, illness or failure of the course facilitator(s) are usually regulated by substitute or other compensation. Programme corrections and corrections of course documents, learning objectives and contents, class days, places, times and duration may be adapted for improvement. 

Should lessons be cancelled for organizational reasons or as a result of the facilitator(s)' illness, there are no reimbursement claims, if less than 5% of the total number of lessons are affected. 

For one-to-one, pair and small group lessons, a 24-hours cancellation policy applies. Lessons may be cancelled free of charge 24 hours before the set appointment time.  

Group lessons (6-12 participants) take place according to the agreed schedule and participants may not claim compensation if they miss any lessons.

There is no right to instruction by a specific facilitator(s). Short-term changes of facilitator(s) in current or planned courses do not entitle participants to withdraw from the contract.

Participants are not insured in any way by English with Daniel Buehler (e.g. accident, theft).

Major adjustments to the original tender must be agreed to in advance with the participants, or regulated by cancellation and new tender with a new application.


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